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Founded in 1884, Bulgari has been setting the pace for Italian jewelry for more than a century, drawing inspiration from the timeless beauty of Greek and Roman art, while lending a contemporary edge to innovative pieces. In 1879, founder Sotirio Boulgaris immigrated to Italy and began to sell silver ornaments in the streets of Rome. By the turn of the century, he had established outlets across Italy, and Romanized the family name, changed to the present “Bulgari.” After Sotirio died in 1932, his sons continued the business, with Giorgio's gem-sourcing travels exposing him to the latest fashions, and Costantino's penchant for collecting ancient wares becoming a source of inspiration for the house. In the 1960s, the Bulgari brothers began to break away from France's fashion to establish their own recognizable styles. The family's third generationPaolo, Gianni, and Nicolatook the helm in 1967, launching locations in New York, Geneva, Monte Carlo, and Paris over the next decade. The 1970s were a period of great success for the company, and the firm's patronage grew accordingly, finding fans in Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, and Elizabeth Taylor.