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Bulgari Rome 18K Gold Long Chain Necklace

Created in the 1960s, this Bulgari, Rome necklace is composed of 18K gold. Completed by a ribbed barrell clasp, it is formed of alternating twisted-wire wrapped and plain polished infinity links for a visually intriguing look. This extravagantly long and versatile chain can be doubled, either as equal or long-short, or worn at full length to suit all casual to glamorous occasions.

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Item #: N-21336
Artist: Bulgari
Country: Italy
Circa: 1960s
Dimensions: 36.00" length.
Materials: 18K Gold
Signed: BULGARI, 750, Italian Mark

Drawing on the city's history as makers of chain and chain-mail since ancient times and the Renaissance, for both military and ornamental purposes, Bulgari is one of the foremost firms in this field. Bulgari creates chains that move flowingly, are soft on the body, and offer a feeling of optimum heft.