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Alphonse Mucha

Czech artist, Alphonse Mucha is, for many people, synonymous with Art Nouveau. Mucha's works frequently featured beautiful, healthy young women in flowing robes, surrounded by lush flowers which sometimes formed haloes behind the women's heads. Mucha’s way was based on a strong composition, sensuous curves derived from nature, refined decorative elements, and natural colors. Throughout the years, Mucha collaborated with other Art Nouveau artists at the time, notably designing the complete Art Nouveau interior for Georges Fouquet’s Paris jewelry shop in 1901. In the winter of 1894, Mucha volunteered to produce a lithographed poster for a play starring Sarah Bernhardt, and the resulting work was an overnight sensation. Bernhardt resulting five-year contract with Mucha produced perhaps the most famous of his works as poster designs, and producing her stage and costume designs. Mucha also received numerous commercial commissions—for posters, calendars, lithographs, and various other kinds of advertising material. He also worked designing jewelry, textiles, bronze work, and furniture, much of which can be seen at the Mucha Museum in Prague, dedicated to the life and work of the world-acclaimed Art Nouveau artist.