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Flower Forms

The Tiffany Studios New York flower form silhouette is an homage to the delicacy, grace, and light-filled translucence of a young bloom. While they differ wonderfully from one another, the flower form vases are instantly recognizable for their elongated, ultra-delicate stems, their organically decorated bases, and, above all, for their bulbous tops, designed to interpret—in an abstract capacity—the elegant shape of a budding blossom. The flower form, or "floriform," vase was first created in 1893, under Louis Comfort Tiffany's predecessor to the Tiffany Studios New York, the Tiffany Glass & Decorating company. Though it is among the earliest of Tiffany’s recognized masterpieces, entering museum collections worldwide as early as 1896, the flower form was never forgotten, evolving as the company grew in prestige and technical capabilities. Steadfastly maintaining that "color is to the eye as music is to the ear," Louis Comfort Tiffany continued to advance the beauty, delicacy and singularity of each unique flower form glass vase throughout the lifetime of the company.