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Daum Nancy Wheel-Carved Floral Cameo Glass Vase


A joyously colored pink and green cameo glass vase by Daum Nancy, this charming Art Nouveau piece, with rounded body and applied foot, is decorated with deeply wheel-carved green flowers and vines on a background that graduates from blush pink to a deeper rosy hue. The broad leaves and flowers seem to float in a pinkish sea, while the vines dynamically dance around the circumference of the piece.


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Item #: G-17

Artist: Daum Nancy

Country: France

Circa: 1900

Dimensions: 7" height, 4.25" diameter

Materials: Glass

Signed: “Daum Nancy” with the croix de Lorraine

Literature: Vase with similar decoration pictured in Daum Nancy III, by Katharina Büttiker, Zurich: Galerie Katharina Büttiker, 2009, p. 88

The cameo technique in glasswork can be traced back to Islamic art in the 9th and 10th centuries, only to be lost in time until the 18th century in Europe. Artistically, however, the revival of cameo was not perfected until the 19th century, with the most notable work coming from the Art Nouveau period, in which more traditional Roman-inspired subjects were abandoned for flora and fauna designs.