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Daum Nancy

Founded by Jean Daum in 1878, Daum Nancy was inherited by his two sons, Auguste and Antonin Daum, who partnered under the name Daum Frères in 1889. The Daum brothers assembled an esteemed team of designers and artists—including Jacques Grüber, Henry Berge, and Amalric Walter—to produce glass in a naturalistic style, inspired by the Art Nouveau movement. While Auguste managed the administrative and financial needs, Antonin’s creative talent gave Daum Nancy a new economic and artistic dimension, and production broadened from simple tableware to highly-coveted decorative art glass pieces. The firm became known for a sophisticated repertoire of shapes and finishing techniques—including martelage, jaspe, and intercalaire—as well as a distinctive palette, with emphasis on deep autumnal hues. No two pieces were alike, with techniques such as acid-etching, gilding, and carving, that were completely unique for the marketplace at the time. Antonin Daum died in 1930, leaving Daum Nancy to be run by the next generation, and the company remains successful to this day, operating under the name Cristallerie Daum since 1962.