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Daum Nancy Cameo and Martelé Glass "Crocus" Vase


A French wheel certainly carved this cameo and martelé glass "Crocus" vase by Daum Nancy. The base of this remarkable vase is colored in deep, swampy purples, against which darker-hued carved vegetal aspects barely hide in shadows. This dark and lustrous base gives way to a bright and textured lavender and orange dawn sky, in front of which a single crimson red crocus blossom stands, only barely unfurled.


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Item #: G-17746
Artist: Daum Nancy
Country: France
Circa: 1905
Dimensions: 12" height, 4.5" diameter
Materials: Glass
Signed: “Daum Nancy” with the Croix de Lorraine
Literature: Similar vase pictured in Daum Frères: Maîtres Verriers, 1892-1935, by Katharina Büttiker-Weber, Zurich: Galerie Katharina Büttiker, 1986, cat. no. 73

The crocus flower, which is native to Nancy, France, was traditionally associated with birth and innocence. Here, we see a vibrant crocus blossom just before blooming, and just as the sunrise arrives in the distant sky, reaffirming the Victorian understanding of the flower in this composition, and imbuing it with a poetic meaning of purity.