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    • Tiffany Studios New York "Dogwood" Table Lamp

      The shade of this Tiffany Studios New York "Dogwood" leaded glass table lamp features a bouquet of white dogwood blossoms with touches of green and...

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    • Louis Majorelle "Pommes de Pins" Walnut Armchair


      This walnut armchair by Louis Majorelle, also called the "Pommes de Pins," or "Pinecone" armchair, features legs serving as a marvelous signature o...

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    • Louis Majorelle Walnut and Fruitwood Marquetry Salon Table


      This French Art Nouveau walnut and fruitwood marquetry salon table by Louis Majorelle is dramatic from every angle, as the table features vegetal m...

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    • Tiffany Studios New York "Gentian" Flared Table Lamp

      This Tiffany Studios New York "Gentian" table lamp sports a special flared shade, comprised of an exciting and unique composition of floral Gentian...

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