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The Tiffany Girls Collection

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Macklowe Gallery is pleased to bring to light a collection of Tiffany Studios New York lamps, mosaics, and jewelry that were the magnificent creations of a group of innovative, self-empowered, and superbly talented women: the self-styled “Tiffany Girls.” The accomplishments of these women, now known and celebrated for designing countless of Tiffany Studios New York’s most aesthetically beautiful, technically complex, and financially successful lamps and objects of art, went largely unrecognized until nearly a century after the closure of their famous workshop in Queens, New York. Comprised of 35 female artists, designers, and artisans, at the height of its scale and productivity, the Women’s Glass Cutting Department at Tiffany Studios was helmed by a woman, Clara Driscoll, whose prodigious talent was matched only by her relentless drive and dedication to the cause of establishing a place for women in the innovative arts. 

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