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Macklowe gallery Objects of Desire : Holiday 2022

Forget The Old Adage That It's Impolite To Stare. This Season, We're Giving You Carte Blanche To Get Up Close And Personal With Some Of Our Most Desired Objects.

This Intimate Journey Through Our Collection-Viewed Through The Most Refined Lens-Begins With Historically Important And Artistically Rare Extravagances: Gifts With The Power To Transform The Entire Holiday Season Into Something Genuinely Magical. From There We Continue Through The More Accessible Reaches Of The Collection, Culminating With Those Little Luxuries Anyone Would Be Happy To Find Beneath A Big Holiday Bow.

Go Ahead, Ogle With Abandon. To Us, It's The Sincerest Form Of Appreciation.

Wishing You And Yours A Happy And Healthy Holiday Season.