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Wide Retro Fancy Link 18K Gold Strap Bracelet

Dating from circa 1945, this fancy link Retro bracelet is formed of 18K gold. It is formed of two rows of oval, concave links edged by three lines of domed hemispheres. Soft and heavy, this wide strap with its sculpted links is a bold statement of casual glamor.

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Item #: BA-20862
Circa: 1945
Dimensions: 7.50" length x 1.75" width
Materials: 18K Gold
Signed: 18K

This bracelet is one of a group of voluminous gold jewels of the Retro era that are characterized by bold, sculpted links. The best examples of the style reflect the compelling and pervasive outlines of modern industry and war - such as gas pipe and tank treads - which served as their inspiration.