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Tiffany Studios New York "Peony" Table Lamp

This magnificent Tiffany Studios New York "Peony" lamp is among the most exquisite of its kind. The shade is covered with rich burgundy, magenta, fuchsia, and burnt umber petals. Each bloom is contrasted by a brilliant blue ground. The lush bouquet of oversized blooms dances playfully with three bands of green geometric tiles, ducking behind and spilling over the striations of specially-rippled glass. The floral shade sits atop a patinated bronze decorated "pin cushion " base.

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Item #: L-21147
Artist: Tiffany Studios New York
Country: United States
Circa: 1905
Dimensions: 18.5" diameter, 25.25" height
Materials: Favrile Glass, Bronze
Shade Signed: Tiffany Studios New York 1475
Base Signed: Tiffany Studios New York 366
Literature: Dr. Egon Neustadt, The Lamps of Tiffany, New York, 1970, p. 140 (for the shade) William Feldstein, Jr. and Alastair Duncan, The Lamps of Tiffany Studios, New York, 1983, p. 70 (for the shade) Alastair Duncan, Tiffany Lamps and Metalware, Woodbridge, Suffolk, 2019, pp. 57, no. 186 and 165, no. 669 (for the shade); p. 86, nos. 326-327 (for the base)

Under Tiffany's direct supervision, thirty-five full-time gardeners painted the earth with polychromatic blooms. Bordering the top of the lampshade are five Fuschia "Coral Peonies" (Paeonia mascula.) Native to the Mediterranean and the Middle East, this small peony only flowers for one week each year. The second peony cultivar featured on this lamp is a Japanese tree peony (Paeonia suffruticosa) cultivar called Shima Nishiki (Island Brocade). The candy stripes of the peony cultivar were meant to emulate scintillating metal warp threads weaved into mulberry paper. The bloom is characterized by its pink and red candy stripes, a coloration emulated through the use of "Streaky" glass. "Streaky" glass was a special variety of Tiffany glass created by ladling Strings of hot glass onto the glass of a contrasting color.