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Tiffany Studios New York Flower Form Favrile Glass Vase

This distinct Favrile glass vase, crafted by Tiffany Studios New York, showcases a flower-inspired design with a rounded bowl and a slender stem, striated to resemble leaf veins. The vase gradates from opaque to transparent from top to bottom with gold iridescence sprayed on the interior. As light refracts, the vase appears to glow from within. Employing the pulled feather technique, the vase intricately portrays the sepals of a flower. Its amber glass base is twisted and ribbed for added visual appeal.

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Item #: YT-21436
Artist: Tiffany Studios New York
Country: United States
Circa: 1906
Dimensions: 15.5" height, 5" diameter.
Materials: Favrile glass
Signed: L.C.T. R9728
Literature: Similar vase pictured in Christie Manson & Woods International Inc. 2022. Tiffany Masterworks from the Garden Museum : A Private Collection. New York: Christie’s. p.226

Favrile glass vases in the shapes of stylized flowers were among the earliest creations of Louis Comfort Tiffany for the Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company, forerunner of Tiffany Studios New York. Initial examples of this technique date from approximately 1894, although later Tiffany pieces show greater refinement. Flower forms in his total oeuvre have a great deal of variety in stem length and rim shape.