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Retro 18K Gold Tank Track Bracelet

This 1940s Retro "Tank Track" bracelet is composed of 18K gold. It is designed as a triple row of interlocking arched tank track links. A strong geometric and voluminous design, this Retro bracelet expresses the bold spirit of the 1940s.

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Item #: BA-21054
Circa: 1940s
Dimensions: 8.00" length x 1.00" width
Materials: 18K Gold
Signed: French gold importation mark, 750, maker's mark

The 1940s saw the entry of women into the war effort as members the military and industrial workforces. Freed for a time from exclusively domestic burdens as well as the narrow constraints and defined roles of the nuclear family, women reported feeling independent and happy during the war years despite the hardships and dangers they faced. This phenomenon is well documented. These 1940s military-themed bracelets therefore carried different meanings for the women who wore them than for the men who made them.