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Pierre-Adrien Dalpayrat Glazed Ceramic Vase

Pierre-Adrien Dalpayrat's signature ruby-cranberry-crimson glaze is at the forefront of this exciting composition, an arresting design featuring strong color contrast, irregular borders and sweeping lines. The vase is speckled throughout with teal tones that resemble green turquoise being unearthed, and is most prominently decorated by wide stripes of white glaze that taper at the top and bottom, which have an abstracted linear form etched within their confines. The top of the vase has four raised elements that extend upward past the tip of the bone white segments.


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Item #: C-20283
Artist: Pierre-Adrien Dalpayrat
Country: France
Circa: 1900
Size: 7.5" height, 3.75" diameter
Materials: Ceramic, Glaze
Signed: Dalpayrat

The striking red toned glaze that decorates this vase is actually known as "Rouge Dalpayrat" or "Dalpayrat's Red," as he invented the crimson colored glaze and it became a signature of his.