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Moonstone and Ruby Gold Pendant Necklace


Dating from the late 19th century, this gold pendant necklace is set with a lovely and large fourteen-carat cabochon moonstone. The exuberantly scrolling gold pendant with bead accents and elaborately chased and engraved gold work centers on the oval moonstone, accented perfectly by richly-colored cabochon rubies, together with a fancy-link period chain. Highly reminiscent of the distinctive gold work and exotic design of other jewelry leaders at the time, this unique jewel combines the fascination of moonstone’s billowy iridescent phenomenon with the definite, fiery red of rubies to create an original and arresting jewel.


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Item #: PT-17935
Country: United States
Circa: 1880s-1890s
Size: 2.25” length, 1.3125” width (pendant); 18” length (period chain)
Materials: Cabochon moonstone (weighing approximately 14.30 carats); 12 Cabochon rubies (approximate total weight 1.20 carats); 14K Gold

Moonstone is structured as alternating layers of albite and orthoclase feldspars, a layering which—in just the right thickness—causes blue light to be amplified and scattered, creating the beautiful phenomenon called “adularescence."