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"Knitted" Victorian 18K Gold Chain Necklace

This 18K gold "knitted" chain was created circa the 1860s-1880s, in the Victorian period. The broad, oval-bodied chain is formed of fish scale links with knitted edges accented by gold spherules. With extraordinary flexibility and volume, this rare handmade chain, suitable to wear by itself or suspending a pendant, reflects the highly refined workmanship and lost practices of a perfectionist jewelry artisan, combined with the Victorian embrace of clean machine lines.

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Item #: N-20821
Circa: 1860s-1880s
Materials: 18K Gold
Literature: A "knitted" chain of circular body is pictured in "Victorian Jewellery" by Dierdre O'Day, p. 51

This rare chain of a broad oval, bombé form conveys the texture of a light and soft gold fabric, making for an inviting jewel that immediately offers a warm and pleasant sensation on the neck. Its artisanship and gently-handled precision make this type of fluid, soft chain the equivalent of the cashmere of gold.