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Henry Dunay "Faceted" Bangle Bracelet

This 1970s "Faceted" bangle bracelet by Henry Dunay is composed of 18K gold. The hinged form worked into a ropetwist motif has a faceted surface. Intensively worked by hand on the surface, and sculpted, this gleaming and voluminous bracelet has a pleasing weight and volume.

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Item #: BA-20944
Artist: Henry Dunay
Country: United States
Circa: 1970
Dimensions: 6.75" length
Materials: 18K Gold
Signed: Dunay 18K

Henry Dunay has been a jeweler since the age of 14. His beloved 'faceted" jewelry, designed with the simplicity and spirituality of Eastern cultures in mind, has a hammered effect achieved with special tools invented and made by Dunay himself. Using these specialized tools, Dunay cuts each surface facet, as though fashioning a gemstone. Unlike platinum, gold must be persuaded through intensive workmanship to remain in its new form, and Dunay's technique hardens the gold, reinforcing its durability.