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Georges Lucien Guyot "Babouin" Patinated Bronze Sculpture


This "Babouin," or "Baboon," patinated bronze sculpture by Georges Lucien Guyot, executed by Susse Fondeur in Paris is a wonderful piece that brings the architectural wonder that every eye delights in from the Art Deco period and applies it to a beloved natural subject of the baboon. The blockiness of the composition, far from taking away from the animal's natural beauty, seems only to enhance the animal's innate sense of fortitude and strength.


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Item #: S-19904
Artist: Georges Lucien Guyot 
Country: France
Circa: Designed circa 1930, executed circa 1950
Dimensions: 16" height, 5.5" width, 14.75" depth
Materials: Patinated bronze
Signed: ''Guyot," and foundry impressed “BRONZE,” and with foundry mark "SUSSE F/PARIS/CIRE PERDUE''
Provenance: From a Distinguished Private collection, Washington, D.C.
Literature: Sculpture pictured in Les animaliers à la Galerie Malsherbes, by Gaston Derys, Mobilier et Décoration, November 1934, p. 489

Georges Lucien Guyot was a French sculptor known for his small, stylized figurines, watercolors, and illustrations of the animals of Africa and Asia. Born in 1885 in Paris, France, Guyot studied woodcarving in his young adulthood, gaining technical expertise through copying religious works from the 15th century. Turning his sights to the natural world, he frequently drew animals and plants in the Jardin des Plantes, transferring his studies to sculptures in the studio.