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Garnet Cabochon Cufflinks


Dating from circa 1890, these English cufflinks are composed of red garnets set in 14K gold. Each double link is designed as a bezel-set oval garnet cabochon within a subtle twisted wire surround, joined by oval links. Modern and forward looking for their time and ours, these bold and streamlined antique cuff links offer a rich flash of deep red for the sleeve.


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Item #: CS-19816
Country: England
Circa: 1890
Size:  0.75” length 0.375” width
Materials: 4 garnet cabochons; 14K gold
Signed: L.S. & C possibly for Lionel Smith & Co., Birmingham

The Latin “garanatus”, meaning pomegranate, gave its name to this beloved gem species. At their best, as here, garnets' rich and deep red hues resemble the vibrantly colored seeds of the ripest fruit.