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Gabriel Argy-Rousseau "Eucalyptus" Pâte de Verre Glass Vase


This French Art Nouveau "Eucalyptus" pâte de verre vase, by Gabriel Argy-Rousseau, features a white field flecked with soothing seams of orange, purple, and green hues running through the background for this subdued, but moving, composition. Featuring delicate, twisting dark green stems upholding great, broad dancing leaves in bright green and purple and finished with deeply colored berries in equally deep relief the ethereal arrangement is imbued with great movement.


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Item #: G-18403
Artist: Gabriel Argy-Rousseau
Circa: 1919
Dimensions: 6" height, 3.75" diameter
Materials: Pâte de verre glass 
Signed: "G Argy Rousseau 6747"
Provenance: From the collection of Mr. Kenneth W. Davis, Fort Worth, Texas
Literature: Vase pictured in G. Argy Rousseau: Glassware as Art, by Janine Bloch-Dermant, London: Thames and Hudson, Ltd., 1991, p. 180, cat. no 19.06

Native to Australia, the eucalyptus is a sacred tree to the Aboriginals. It got the nickname "Fever tree," because they use the bark and resin of the trees by treating fever and problems with the respiratory tract, much like willow bark was used as the precursor to aspirin in the French-Creole Louisiana Bayou.