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Eugène Gaillard Walnut and Bronze Pedestal


This walnut wood pedestal by Eugène Gaillard features four sweeping legs, which terminate in charming upturned feet, keeping the composition of the piece vertically oriented, while supporting two identical tiers, the top and bottom, which mirror each other in rounded square shape and refined French Art Nouveau design. The middle tier, with its beautiful bronze arms, defies the convention of the first and third shelves and extends past the borders of its legs considerably, providing chic additional shelving space and adding a fascinating dimension to the already ultra-elegant design.


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Item #: F-18329
Artist: Eugène Gaillard
Circa: 1900
Dimensions: 45.5" height, 36" width, 16" depth
Materials: Walnut Wood

An excellent detail included in this composition is that of the four sinuous arms that reach from the bottom of the elongated middle tier downward after an exaggerated curve to attach to the four legs below. The bronze arms add unity to the composition, as well as a very exciting curvilinear visual element to a piece otherwise dominated by straight or near straight lines.