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Complimentary gift wrap & shipping - Order before 12/22

Banded Agate and Gold Cuff Links


Composed of banded agate and gold, these oval cuff links date from the late 19th century. Each oval double link is set with a conforming agate tablet traversed by a diagonal layer of white, within a gold bezel that is engraved with dart motifs. With their intriguing, richly-colored material and strong banding, these original cuff links convey a bold, modernist vigor.

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Item #: CS-19817
Circa: 1890s
Size: 0.5" length, 0.375" width
Materials: Banded agate; 18K Gold

Banded agate is a micro-crystalline form of quartz, and has been long-prized by cameo carvers for the rich possibilities offered by its polychrome layers and ideal hardness, allowing high definition sculpting and gleaming polish.