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Archaeological Revival Gold Necklace


This archeological-revival style gold fringe necklace was clearly inspired by the fascination with classical arts that swept Europe in the mid-19th century. Textured, hand-wrought gold wirework creates delicate patterning on the glowing surface of the twenty embellished amphora pendants, while the full, graceful forms and inspired workmanship create a sense of volume and preciousness in the necklace, which is ultra light and flattering, sitting across the collarbone.


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Item #: N-16733
Country: Austria-Hungary
Circa: 1880s
Size: 17” length
Materials: 18K Gold
Signed: Austro-Hungarian Control Marks
Literature: Similar Austro-Hungarian archaeological revival style necklace with amphora pendants by Carol Bacher is pictured in Understanding Jewelry, by David Bennett and Daniela Mascetti Woodbridge, UK: Antique Collectors’ Club, Ltd, p. 165; Archeological jewelry is extensively discussed in Antique and 20th Century Jewellery, by Vivienne Becker, and Victorian Jewelry Design, by Charlotte Gere


New excavations had brought to light the astonishing jewels of the Ancient Greeks, and their magical creations and luxury-loving, artistic spirit inspired 19th century intellectual jewelers to hunt for the ancient goldsmiths’ lost secrets.