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Antique Diamond Star Brooch

Dating from circa 1885-1890, this late Victorian star brooch is set with old mine-cut and rose-cut diamonds. It is designed as star with twelve arms set throughout with cushion and elongated cushion shape old mine, rose and single-cut diamonds, mounted in patinated silver-topped gold. Modern in its clean, geometric form, this versatile jewel, a product of highly skilled workmanship, showcases fiery old diamonds whose brilliance pops against the dark silver.

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Item #: BO-21283
Country: most likely England
Circa: 1885-1890
Dimensions: 1.50" length, 1.50" width.
Materials: 55 old mine and rose cut diamonds (approximate total weight 2.50 carats); Silver-topped Gold

Diamond star jewelry became a passion in the late 19th century, reflecting the popular fascination with advances in astronomy and understanding of our place in the universe. These star jewels often featured diamonds set in patinated silver, approximating the look of stars in the dark night sky. They might be created as single brooches, or as part of convertible jewels like 5-star tiaras. These could be worn as head ornaments, or the stars could be removed from the mounting and converted to brooches or pins and scattered across a gown, or used to secure a veil.