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Antique Diamond Flower Brooch

Dating from the mid-19th century, this silver and gold flower brooch is set with over 13 carats of old diamonds. It is designed as a frond of curling leaves and blossoms, set throughout with rectangular and cushion-shaped old mine-cut diamonds, the blossoms highlighted by collet-set foil-back rose-cut diamonds, within a dark patinated silver-topped, low karat gold mount. A design of unusually modern stylization and three dimensional modeling, this floral confection of rare and beautiful old-cut diamonds set in dark silver is wonderfully glamorous and dramatic.

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Item #: BO-21086
Circa: Mid 19th century
Dimensions: 3.25" length, 2.00" width.
Materials: 194 old mine and rose-cut diamonds (approximate total weight 13.40 carats); Silver and Low Karat Gold

Great jewelry made in this era has a distinctive delicacy and lightness. The reverse reveals the consummate skill with which the "a-jouring" of the diamonds has been accomplished, minimizing the metal and opening each distinctively shaped gem to maximum light. These charming and unusual old diamonds, with their cushion, square and unusual elongated rectangular shapes rarely survived re-cutting, and are extremely difficult to find today. Their slightly irregular hand-cutting and high crowns create an entirely different combination of brilliance, scintillation and fire than that of modern-cut diamonds, giving them a unique appeal and loveliness.