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Antique 18K Gold, Ruby and Diamond Double Snake Ring

This late Victorian 18K gold double snake ring, set with a diamond and a ruby, was created in England in 1892. It is designed as two engraved snake heads, each with an old European-cut diamond or a circular-cut ruby, completed by their intertwined bodies and tapering tails. Soft and substantial, this nicely modeled twinstone snake ring subtly conveys its happy message of eternal love.

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Item #: R-21295
Country: Most likely England
Circa: 1895
Size: 8.75 (this ring can be sized; please contact the gallery for further information)
Materials: 1 old mine-cut diamond (weighing approximately 0.15 carat); 1 circular-cut ruby (weighing approximately 0.15 carat); 18K Gold
Signed: French importation mark for gold

Led by Queen Victoria herself, England embraced jewelry with snake and serpent imagery in the 19th century after her devoted and erudite husband presented her with a serpent ring as a wedding gift. With the growing fascination for ancient classical culture, and the revelations of the serpent's historical importance as unearthed by celebrated archaeologists, nineteenth century European society eagerly embraced its ancient Roman symbolism connoting eternal love and wisdom. The captivating motif persisted in popularity throughout the century and beyond.