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Aldo Cipullo for Cartier 18K Gold and Sodalite "Rounds" Necklace

Designed in 1972 by Aldo Cipullo as part of the "Rounds" collection, this Cartier necklace is composed of 18k gold and sodalite . It is designed as trace link chain highlighted by shaped sodalite beads with studded caps, and centers a stylized crescent or horn of sodalite. A beautifully executed jewel with outsize presence and strong design, this necklace reflects Cipullo's love of African art and amuletic objects.

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Item #: N-21181
Artist: Aldo Cipullo for Cartier
Country: United States
Circa: 1972
Dimensions: 17.00" length
Materials: 6 sodalites; 18K Gold
Literature: The "Rounds" collection is described in Cipullo: Making Jewelry Modern, by Renato Cipullo and Vivienne Becker, p. 107.

According to Renato Cipullo and Vivienne Becker, in Cipullo: Making Jewelry Modern, this necklace belongs to the "Rounds" collection, a group of jewelry designed and manufactured c. 1970-1972. "Some necklaces comprised chains of gold and carved stone links...tribal in spirit...made to sit at the base of the throat, like the gold neck rings, with chain links holding a crescent shape generously carved in hardstone, such as tiger's eye or sodalite, swinging loose at the front... These elongated crescent forms were inspired by the shape of boar's tusks..." The collection was well received, and Cipullo's contract with Cartier was renewed. He continued to live for and design in the moment saying, "I want to live in the present, not the past."