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Agathon Léonard "Danseuse Tambourin à Droite" Bisque Ceramic Sculpture


This bisque ceramic figural sculpture by Agathon Léonard, titled "La danse du tambourin, tête penchée à droite" ("Tambourine dance, head leaning to the right"), is from the French Art Nouveau artist's series "Le jeu d'écharpe." The beautiful dancer, in her flowing robes, is amazingly caught in a state of pure tranquility despite the clear nature of her rhythmic movement; her robes flow and her tambourine seems to jingle just as her face rests in a blissfully peaceful expression.

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Item #: S-13308
Artist: Agathon Léonard
Circa: 1900
Dimensions: 20" height, 10" width, 7" depth
Materials: Bisque ceramic
Signed: "Sevres GB 4.09" and "No. 6"
Literature: Sculpture pictured in Dynamic Beauty: Sculpture of Art Nouveau Paris, by Macklowe Gallery, The Studley Press, 2011, p. 186; Sculpture also pictured in Agathon Léonard: Le geste Art Nouveau, by Ingelore Böstge, Paris: Somogy editions d'art, 2003, p. 52, cat. no. 14

"Le jeu d'écharpe," a series created by Agathon Léonard at the turn of the 20th century inspired by the dancer Loïe Fuller, consists of fifteen sculptures of young women in various poses. Some women dance with scarves, while others hold musical instruments or carry flaming torches, but each of the fifteen dancers is unique in terms of her pose, hair style, and dress.