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18K Gold Rope Necklace

This 18K gold necklace was created in the 1970s. It is designed as a tapering rope of formed of braided cords, themselves formed of multiple strands of ropetwist chain. Beautifully textured, this soft and ultra-flexible necklace expresses opulence and simplicity alike.

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Item #: N-21074
Circa: 1970s
Dimensions: 17.50" length, 0.50" width.
Materials: 18K Gold

Cultures throughout history took varied approaches to creating gold wire. While Egyptians and early Mesoamerican cultures cast their wire, the ancient Greeks took the most difficult and refined approach. To create their wire, with which they performed astonishing feats of the goldsmith's art, the Greeks hammered gold into sheets of extreme thinness, cutting them into delicate strips, which they then rolled into wire by hand. Further, they had many methods of ornamenting the wire, giving it pattern and texture. The twisted, braided wire of this necklace, created in the later European manner by drawing gold through smaller and smaller holes, recalls Greek and Hellenistic wirework masterpieces.