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1840s Azurmalachite Cameo Pendant Earrings

Created circa the 1840s, these azurmalachite cameo and split seed pearl pendant earrings are set in 18K gold. Each is designed with a petaled floret top suspending a flexibly-set scrolling foliate drop with three-quartercarved cameos of women with flowing hair, and a flexible fringe of three leaf-form drops, accented throughout with split seed pearls. Of lightweight construction, these unusual earrings with their cameos of rarely seen blue and green hardstones are glamorously long with an intriguing, gentle sway.

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Item #: ER-21082
Circa: 1840s
Dimensions: 2.75" length x 0.875" width
Materials: 2 carved azurmalachite cameos; 34 split seed pearls; 18K Gold

Azurmalachite is a relatively rare copper carbonate mineral, formed of a mottled intergrowth of areas of blue azurite and green malachite. Azurite, which derives from the Persian word for blue, is a component of lapis lazuli, while malachite occurs as variegated bands of bright green. These minerals are typically found in the vicinity of copper deposits.