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Tiffany Studios New York Set of Twelve Favrile Glass Cordials

A resplendent set of twelve cordials by Tiffany Studios, these delicate pieces of opaque glass provide a delightful contrast to a shimmeringly clear cordial. All in golden hues, the receptacles are imbued with radiant flashes of iridescence, so as to delight from every angle.

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Item #: T-20777
Artist: Tiffany Studios New York
Country: United States
Circa: 1900
Dimensions: 3.875" high
Materials: Favrile Glass
Signed: L.C.T Tiffany, Favrile, No.4
Literature: Cordial Glasses mentioned in Winter Henry. The Dynasty of Louis Comfort Tiffany; the Final. 1971. p. 257

Cordial glasses, also known as liqueur glasses, are the smallest glasses in a set of stemware. Although some cordials are larger than others, the larger size holds approximately 2 ounces of liqueur, and the smaller size, called a pony, serves about 1 ounce. This set of Tiffany cordials would be classified as a pony glass. Cordial glasses were among the most expensive of Tiffany studios' stemware, priced at $120 for a dozen, about the price of a Tiffany lamp.