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Tiffany Studios New York Set of Favrile Glass Cups and Cordials


Two cups of intricate design and six cordials glasses make up this set by Tiffany Studios New York. All in golden hues, the receptacles are imbued with radiant flashes of iridescence, so as to delight from every angle. While the cordial glasses feature an eye catching pattern of angular divots (like that of hammered metal) on their bases and stems, the two cups feature soft, rounded outward bowing ribs on their lowers halves. Ornate script replete with elegant scrollwork spells out two letters that were likely initials, "J.D." on each of the individual pieces.


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Item #: T-20346
Artist: Tiffany Studios New York
Circa: 1900
Size: Cups: 3.25" height, 2" diameter Cordials: 3.5" height, 1.75" diameter
Materials: Favrile Glass
Signed: Cups: C778 - C771 - Cordials: C721 - C722 -  C724 - C733 - C738 - LCT

Many intentional design elements in this joyful collection, such as the faux "hammer work" on the bases of the cordials, or the lettering that appears to be branded into the glass, brings to mind the practices of traditional metalwork, a wonderful nod to a medium often used in the creation of such objects, and a masterful feat given the quite different natures of glass and metal.