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Claudius Linossier "Étoile Rayonnante" Dinanderie Copper Charger


This rare French Art Deco monumental dinanderie copper charger, by Claudius Linossier, is composed of hammered copper and brass with geometric concentric and triangular silver patina on a nuanced anthracite background, patinated over a fire to create radial striation. The central decoration features a silver and copper inlay of a Vergina sun (sixteen-pointed star) a popular motif for leaders (Alexander the Great) and the Sun God Helios. The sun radiates waves of lights, a reference to the “etoile rayonnant” or radiating star, a symbol regularly used in Medieval Heraldry. Linossier also includes a row of Greek keys (meanders), a pattern modeled after the Minotaur's labyrinth, symbolizing cosmological infinity, and unity.


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Item #: B-20508
Artist: Claudius Linossier
Country: France
Circa: 1930
Dimensions:15.5" diameter, 0.98" height
Materials:  Copper, Silver, Brass
Signed, ''CL. LINOSSIER''
Provenance: Former Claudius Linossier collection; former Mr. & Mrs. Fila collection, testamentary legatees of Linossier, who have since remained in the family
Literarure: Jean Gaillard, A Famous Lyonnais of the Twenties, Claudius Linossier, coppersmith, Editions Lyonnaises d'Art et d'Histoire, Lyon, 1993, p. 187 for a variant of this decor.

The Art Deco master Claudius Linossier (1893-1953) is best known for his bold geometric metalware, executed in the Renaissance technique of dinanderie. Linossier meticulously hammered metal oxides into the surface of hand-raised copper vessels. When heated, the metal oxides produced subtle anthracites, umbers, and crimsons— evoking the hallowed mosaic floors of 16th-century churches.