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Raymond Subes Wrought Iron Floor Lamp


A French Art Deco floor lamp by Raymond Subes. Comprised of wrought iron, martelé finish, and an alabaster shade this Art Deco floor lamp by Raymond Subes exhibits a wonderfully unique sense of balance within a composition. The alabaster shade of the lamp displays the hallmark color and visual weight of the medium, while its shallow half moon shape and wonderful semi-translucence add an aura of the ethereal, and a seemingly weightless sensibility that is increased as light is dispersed in all directions by it. The martelé iron base of the lamp terminates in eight elegant, stylized legs that beautifully mirror the shape and circumference of the shade, although in the downward orientation, completing and fully balancing the composition.


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Item #: EL-20051
Artist: Raymond Subes
Country: France
Circa: 1935
Dimensions: 70" high, 22" shade diameter, 21" base diameter
Materials: Alabaster, Wrought Iron
Literature: Exact model pictured in G. Remon, "Le Ferronnier Raymond Subes," Jardins et Cottages, July 1926, p. 126
Signed:  “the work of Raymond Subes is routinely, not signed, with the exception of a major circa 1925 installation of iron work at one of Paris‘s subway stops. However, his work can be identified through his excellent craftsmanship and confirmed with period documentation.”

Raymond Subes is one of the most renowned French metalworkers of the Art Deco period. Of his wonderfully extensive oeuvre one universal truth can be found: a sensitive attention to balance, symmetry and harmony in all of his works. A sensibility that is wonderfully displayed in this regal floor lamp.