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Daum Nancy Frosted and Carved Glass Chandelier

This beautiful chandelier, a superb example of French Art Deco by Daum Nancy, features a flared cone-shaped shade hanging from three arms in this wonderfully warm and perfectly detailed piece. The richly honey-colored shade is decorated with carved and stylized patterns of ranunculus, passionflower, camellia, and morning glory flowers. The entire shade is finished with a frosted application, affecting the light it diffuses wonderfully.

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Item #: EL-20790
Artist: Daum Nancy
Country: France
Circa: 1920
Dimensions: 44" height, 20" diameter
Materials: Glass, Bronze
Signed: “Daum Nancy France” with the Croix de Lorraine

Champions of the Art Nouveau aesthetic, Daum Nancy became an equally important player in the Art Deco movement, remarkably infusing naturalistic motifs into the architectural Art Deco style with ease and grace, as seen in this wonderful composition.