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Antoine Bofill "Femme-fleur" Gilt Bronze Lighted Figural Sculpture

This lighted gilded bronze sculpture by Antoine Bofill features a nude woman wrapped around the stem of a calla lily. The women’s feet connect to a concave lilypad that serves as a tray and the lamp’s base. Instead of a spadix at the flower’s center, a lightbulb emerges from the lily. In addition to the woman who drapes her body around the stem are thin attenuated leaves that reach up towards the flower’s bloom.

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Item #: YS-20967
Artist: Antoine Bofill
Country: France
Circa: 1900
Dimensions: 10.5" height, 7" width, 5.5" depth.
Materials: Gilt Bronze
Signed: "bofill"
Literature: Kjellberg, Pierre. Bronzes of the 19th century: dictionary of sculptors. United States: Schiffer Pub., 1994, p 98.

This sculpture is an unusual piece by Antoine Bofill, who usually focuses his sculptural subjects on young boys or animals. This style change may be because the artist created works that played to the Art Nouveau and Art Deco aesthetics of the time. His animal works follow sharper geometric lines usually to convey a sense of the presence of power, viewable in his 1920 work Prowling Panther. The artist’s Art Nouveau works instead share romantic themes through a realistic representation of nature as seen here in the "Femme-fleur" lighted sculpture.