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French 18K Gold and Lapis Lazuli Longchain Necklace

Date from the early 1900s, this longchain necklace is composed of 18K gold, lapis and seed pearls. It is composed of pear-shape lapis lazuli drops highlighted by seed pearls and joined by tapering interlocking baton links and oval trace link chain of 18K gold. This long, light and versatile chain highlighted by drops of luminous blue lapis can be doubled or paired with other chains for a layered style.

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Item #: N-20625
Country: France
Circa: 1910
Dimensions: 60" length
Materials: 6 pear shaped lapis lazuli beads; 18 karat gold
Signed: With French guarantee stamp.

Lapis Lazuli has been valued since it was discovered long ago, at least since the Bronze Age. Societies such as Sumeria and Egypt learned to work this highly resistant hardstone into jewelry and decorative objects. In the ancient world, the only source of lapis was Afghanistan. The Sumerians and Egyptians so prized lapis lazuli as part of their religious practices that they had begun importing it across this immense distance of thousands of kilometers before the domestication of the horse or camel.