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Antique 18K Gold and Enamel Pendant Earrings

Created in the 1860s, these 18K gold and enamel pendant earrings are likely of English origin. The repoussé forms are each designed with a scrolling foliate top suspending a pendant of ruffled tendrils, trefoils, and floral motifs, with a flexible fringe of scrolling leaves, and turquoise blue and black enamel motifs. Unusual in their elaborate interwoven scrolling motifs, these high relief but lightweight pendant earrings offer movement, light and color to enliven the face and eyes.

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Item #: ER-21310
Country: most likely England
Circa: 1860s
Dimensions: 3.00" length.
Materials: 18K Gold; Enamel

Repoussé gold work is created by hammering sheet from the reverse side to create a design in relief. The gold is first annealed to maximize its malleability, and affixed to a base of pitch, heated to a perfect consistency to cradle the metal. Typically the jewelry is worked from the reverse and front, using tools including various types of chisels or "punches" with smooth tips including liners, planishers, and dotting and matting tools. This ancient technique has been developed by goldsmiths from many cultures.