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Marsh & Co. Patinated Steel and Pearl Cuff Link and Dress Set


This elegant cuff link and dress set in patinated steel and cultured pearls expresses the Asian-American fusion aesthetic of Marsh & Co. The stepped geometric forms in matte blackened patinated steel, which reference heritage Japanese metalwork, provide a darkened stage for the velvety, creamy white pearls, creating a striking and original gentleman’s dress set for any occasion. Sold exclusively as a matching set.


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Item #: CS-13781
Artist: Marsh & Co., San Francisco
Country: United States
Circa: 1950s
Size: 0.50 inch square (cuff links); 0.375 inch square (shirt studs); 0.25 inch square (buttons)
Materials: 9 Cultured pearls; Patinated steel; 18K White gold
Signed: "Marsh"

From the time he served as an apprentice in Yokohama, G.T. Marsh was inspired by the accomplishments of Japanese metal smiths, in this case by the sleek and spartan dark iron work of the Nambu clan.