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Raymond Subes Wrought Iron and Marble Table


A French Art Deco dining table by Raymond Subes. The table features wrought iron with martelé finish, with a Grand Napoléon marble top. Perfectly exemplifying the heights of the Art Deco aesthetic, this noteworthy piece, a full dining table, by Raymond Subes features an elegant contrast of line and material. An exactly rectangular Grand Napoléon marble top is supported by four sweeping legs, each comprised of four individual rods of wrought iron with martelé finish. The legs swing regally downward before curving inward, meeting each other in two triumphant scrolls that bring to mind an abstracted top of a Corinthian column. The legs sit atop solid rectangular plinths and are joined by a sleek crossbar.


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Item #: F-19975
Artist: Raymond Subes
Country: France
Circa: 1935
Dimensions: 28.75" height, 78" width, 35" depth
Materials: Marble, Iron

Always with an eye toward the monumental, Subes was known for designing wrought iron of incredible scale for cathedrals, churches, monuments and many ocean liners.