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Louis Majorelle "Les Pins" Carved Mahogany Armchair

This hand-carved wooden armchair, named "Le Pins," embodies the Art Nouveau style of Louis Majorelle, featuring intricate carvings of pine needles and pinecones. Reflecting Majorelle's affiliation with the Ecole d’Nancy, renowned for infusing their creations with motifs inspired by their native region, the pine needles symbolize the aromatic pine forests of the Haute Vosges. These forests were home to woodcutters residing in villages nestled amidst the snow-capped mountainsides. The chair is upholstered with colored damask embroidery of roses and peonies, perfectly complicating the rich tones of the Mahogany wood.

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Item #: F-21349
Artist: Louis Majorelle
Country: France
Circa: 1900
Dimensions: 34.5" height, 28.5" width, 27" depth.
Materials: Mahogany, Fabric Upholstery
Literature: Pictured in, Art Nouveau Furniture, by Alastair Duncan, plate 40. Also pictured in, Louis Majorelle: Master of Art Nouveau Design, by Alastair Duncan, page 168.

Louis Majorelle revolutionized furniture design by introducing exotic wood inlays known as marquetry in his furniture designs. These light woods create a similar contrast to the tortoiseshell and ebony marquetry popularized in the late 1800s. Majorelle further improved his furniture design by excluding the stretchers on the legs of his chairs, making for a more delicate yet modern look.