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Jacques Gruber "Aux Orchidée" Mirror


This Jacques Gruber aux orchidée mirror features carved walnut Phaius orchids and inset burgundy cameo glass panels of Oncidium orchids. The popularity of orchids with European audiences had grown dramatically in the fin de siecle, as new colonial ventures made increasingly exotic blooms available to the public. The orchid was used as the Ecole de Nancy’s logo, which reveals the group’s conceptualization of their identity: one who appreciated both contemporary scientific exploration, and the creation of an original vocabulary of ornament.


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Item #: F-20551
Artist: Jacques Gruber
Country: France
Circa: 1900
Dimensions: 53" height, 31" width, 4" depth
Materials:  Walnut, Beveled Silvered Glass, Cameo Glass
Signed: ''J. Gruber''

Darwin published a book on the Fertilisation of Orchids in 1862, in which he analyzed the Nancy Bee Orchid. In the 1870s, Gallé gave frequent presentations on Darwin’s study of Nancy Orchids, linking Nancy to cutting edge scientific theory.