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Émile Gallé "Papillon" Étagère Wall Shelf

This exquisite Galle wall shelf showcases an array of flowers, vegetables, butterflies, and moths that thrived in his garden at 27 Avenue de la Garenne. Adorning the left wall are depictions of Spinning Gourds and Tiger Moths. Spinning Gourds, small gourds from Peru, served as spinning tops in the 19th century. The Tiger Moth, admired by Art Nouveau artists for its striking animal print, adds a captivating touch. On the right wall, Fuschia flowers take center stage, representing the diverse varieties Galle cultivated, including serpent gourd, pointed gourd, and bottle gourds. The front of the shelves is adorned with a delightful ensemble of butterflies.

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Item #: F-20503
Artist: Emile Gallé
Country: France
Circa: 1900
Dimensions: 24" height, 42" width, 10" depth.
Materials: Mahogany, Walnut, Fruitwood
Signed: "Gallé" in marquetry

Fuchsias flowered in modern public parks and gardens, especially in Paris. The French capital’s green spaces were created or revitalized during a massive urban renewal project between 1853 and 1870. Spectacular ornamental plantings were curated by the French horticulturalists Barillet and Deschamps, who chose several types of fuchsias for planting along promenades and displaying in containers. The vogue for fuschias continued throughout the 19th century, lasting well into the Art Nouveau period.