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Daum Nancy "Mimosa" Cameo Glass Vase


This artistic "Mimosa" glass vase by Daum Nancy features a pink cameo glass overlay, naturalistically modeled as a languid orchid flower in true French Art Nouveau style. The orchid, splayed open and surrounded by copiously-applied gold pollen spores, is imbued with feminine sensuality. The imaginative color palate and curving lines surpass the glass design standards of the day, and render this piece a beguiling objet d'art.


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Item #: G-14544 
Artist: Daum Nancy
Circa: 1900
Dimensions: 5" height, 12.5" width, 3.5" depth
Materials: Cameo glass
Signed: "Daum, Nancy"

A nascent fascination with natural forms, found in publications of the day like Ernst Haeckle's Kunstformen der Natur, permeated fin-de-siècle Paris and could be felt in museums and in homes; it manifested itself in a proliferation of flowers in French art and design, and in an intense investigation of flora where artists rivaled botanists.