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Polychrome Enamel 18K Gold Geometric Pendant Earrings

Created in the 1860s, these long antique pendant earrings are composed of 18K gold, enamel and split seed pearls. Each is designed as a navette-shaped top enclosing a hemisphere, suspending flexibly-set stepped, open, and interlocking oval, navette, spherical, triangular and rectangular elements, and a tapering drop, with star-set split seed pearl highlights and reddish-orange and royal blue enamel accents. Feather light and charming, these complex earrings full of movement lend warmth and intrigue to the hair and face.

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Item #: ER-21085
Circa: 1860s
Dimensions: 2.00" length x 0.75" width
Materials: 2 split seed pearls; 18K Gold; Enamel

Jewelers of the 19th and 20th centuries carefully observed the fashion trends set by the great couturiers in order to meet their clients' demands for jewels that suited the latest features and flourishes of formal and everyday wear. As Louis Cartier said, "The jeweler is the slave to the dressmaker". As a result of these constantly changing demands of fashion, earrings - which had to respond to new variations in multiple features of dress - necklines, bonnet shapes, and hairstyles which night or might not cover the ears - were most vulnerable to being shortened or simply melted down. More than other forms, antique earrings are rare.