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Antique 15K Gold Pendant Earrings

Dating from the 1870s, these antique pendant earrings are composed of 15K gold and were likely produced in England. Each is designed as a trefoil top with square studs suspending an oval boss surrounded by wirework, and framed by ruffled and lobed tiers, accented by radiating lines and spherules. Lightweight, gleaming, and reflective, these earrings' lively movement animates their complex curved and angled surfaces.

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Item #: ER-21307
Country: most likely England
Circa: 1870s
Dimensions: 1.5" length, 0.75" width.
Materials: 15K Gold
Signed: Maker's mark, possibly J & S A

The designers of the 1870s harvested jewelry design from all periods, inspired by archaeological discoveries, the geometry of machines, and whimsical forms of their own invention. These earrings are typically light and floating, offering a sense of form and volume that conveys design without weight.