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Antique 15K Gold Pendant Earrings

Composed of 15K gold, these classic pendant hoop and buckle earrings date from the 1870s and are mostly likely of English production. Each is designed as a ring suspending a buckled strap and a second tapering hoop with subtle applied wirework motifs. Voluminous and yet feather light, with plenty of lively movement, these pendant earrings' graphic design of interlocking hoops and buckles makes a sleek modern statement.

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Item #: ER-21309
Country: most likely England
Circa: 1870s
Dimensions: 1.50" length, 0.75" width.
Materials: 15K Gold

Long earrings in this period appeared in a wide variety of forms including elongated girandoles, graduating lines of balls or flowers, motifs with fringes and tassels, or cascades of cabochon stones, all exhibiting movement and creativity.