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Amalric Walter and Henri Bergé Large "Langouste" Pâte de Verre Glass Paperweight


This French "Langouste" pâte de verre glass paperweight, by Amalric Walter and Henri Bergé, depicts a charming brownish-red spiny lobster with naturalistic red spots sits gently astride a green and yellow curved horn-shaped base.


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Item #: P-17781
Artist: Amalric Walter and Henri Bergé
Circa: 1920
Dimensions: 2.5" height, 6.25" width, 3.75" depth
Materials: Pâte de verre glass
Literature: Similar paperweight pictured in Amalric Walter (1870-1959), by Keith Cummings, Kingswinford: Broadfield House Glass Museum, 2006, p. 49, cat. no 77c


Pâte de verre was a glass technique used often to beautiful ends by ancient civilizations, but the technology was lost some time before the Medieval period, only to be rediscovered in the early 20th, or possibly very late 19th century.