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NYC Jewelry Week 2020: A Conversation With Ben Macklowe & Sheila Smithie

NYC Jewelry Week 2020: A Conversation With Ben Macklowe & Sheila Smithie

New York City Jewelry Week is an incredible opportunity for jewelry enthusiasts to come together and share knowledge and celebrate the world of jewelry through educational and innovative focused programming. Macklowe Gallery is lucky enough to be taking part for the second year running, with a conversation between Ben Macklowe and Sheila Smithie of Sotheby's, on the compelling topic of "New York Jewels Circa 1900."

In the late 19th and early 20th century, New York-based jewelry firms began innovating in design and technique, creating the first substantial jewelry contribution ever from the United States. Building on the momentum created by Tiffany & Co.’s extraordinary success at the 1889 World’s Fair and 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition, the 1900 World’s Fair in Paris marked a watershed moment for American jewelry design. The global perception of New York and of the United States as a hub of design culture dramatically shifted.  This conversation took an in-depth look at the makers and jewelry created during this time period, its effect on New York and the United States at large within a global culture, and how it accelerated the trajectory of New York City as one of the jewelry design capitals of the world.

Join us for this fascinating topic on Wednesday, November 18th at 4:30pm EST. To RSVP—and learn more about NYC Jewelry Week—click here. We look forward to seeing you then! 

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